Providing Safe Water Since 1948

The Hendersonville Utility District was established in 1948 to provide unparalleled water and wastewater services to the growing Hendersonville area. Originally serving just a few hundred customers, the Utility District today provides professional, efficient and high quality water and wastewater service to more than 14,000 homes and businesses throughout the greater Hendersonville area.

Customer service is the number one priority of the Hendersonville Utility District. Our dedicated team of employees strives to provide each of our customers with the best potable water and sanitary sewer services, keeping the public’s safety first and foremost in our minds.

Water Service

The water delivered to our customers is safe, plentiful and reliable. Our new water treatment plant is the most technologically advanced water treatment facility in the State of Tennessee. The membrane filter plant has a ten (10) million gallon per day (mgd) capacity with our current daily usage less than five (5) mgd, therefore giving us the ability to serve our customers well into the future. We received the “Grand Award” from TCEC for 2015 in the water resources category for the new water plant design.

Wastewater Service

Wastewater services are provided through a carefully-managed network of Hendersonville Utility District-maintained collection systems that collect and then transfer wastewater directly to Metro Nashville’s wastewater treatment facilities. This cooperative arrangement between our two agencies provides Hendersonville customers with the benefits of efficient operational management of facilities in Hendersonville, without the unnecessary duplication of wastewater treatment services. The Hendersonville Utility District’s Board of Commissioners is committed to such cooperative arrangements where they benefit our customers and the region. This philosophy is being reflected in the Board’s approach to urban growth management, with the Utility District, Goodlettsville, Millersville, Ridgetop, and the White House Utility District now working cooperatively on issues of watershed management.

Commissioner Requirements

The Commissioners of the Hendersonville Utility District serves four (4) year terms. Vacancies on the Board of Commissioners are filled by appointment by the Sumner County Executive from a list of three nominees certified by the Board of Commissioners to the Sumner County Executive. Decisions by the Board of Commissioners on customer complaints brought before the Board of Commissioners under the District's customer complaint policy may be reviewed by the Utility Management Review Board of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation pursuant to Section 7-82-702(7) of Tennessee Code Annotated.